Hydro excavator is a truck that uses high pressured water to break up the ground and remove the spoils 
with vacuum suction.  This process is a nondestructive way to remove materials from and area with sensitive utilities.  The Hydro excavator is an all in one excavation until that gives the operator the ability to excavate with out the possibility of doing any damage to the utilities.  

HEI has been in business for 15 years, servicing many different contractors and has an impressive safety records. 
The operators are trained to service customers by helping them do the job and finish it on time and on budget.

All our hydro excavators are equipped with different tips for different types of soil and safety equipment to ensure that the job is safe and in compliance with OSHA standards.  Our Hydro excavators have the ability to dig in frozen ground as well,  The trucks are equipped with burners that reach up to 150 degrees and is capable of cutting through hard frozen ground.  
We also have the ability to dig away from the truck at a farther distance with remote hose.  We have excavated inside buildings with the truck positioned outside on the street.  The longest distance we have excavated is over 350 feet away from the truck and 60 ft deep. 
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