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At HEI we strive for safety and quality in every aspect of our lives. By doing such, HEI Contractors has expanded to be the leader in turn-key solutions that provide our valued customers top safety, top quality and top efficacy for every project. By utilizing HEI Contractors you can rest assured our entire team from management to field crews will treat every project as if it was their own. 

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Energy Division
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Hydrovac Division
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Concrete Division
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Telecommunication Division
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Small Cell Division
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Cell Tower Division
Fiber Splicing Division 
HEI safety production

Energy division

HEI Contractors - Energy Division, specializes in Electrical Substation Construction. 

When the plans are distributed to HEI Contractors, we take the reins and handle the project as a turn-key solution to our customers. With highly trained General Formen, Superintendents and Project Managers. You can rest assured our team will keep you updated throughout the project with projections, photos and briefings as the project progresses.  

HEI safety production

Hydrovac division

HEI Contractors, Hydrovac Division specializes in safe and effective excavation of buried infrastructure. 

By utilizing hydro excavation damages to underground utilities are virtually impossible whereas mechanical and hand digging excavation can cause damages hydro excavation eliminates that risk. 

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HEI safety production

concrete division

HEI Contractors, Concrete Division specializes in a cost effective method of concrete supply. By using HEI Contractors volumetric concrete mobile onsite mixers......

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telecommunications division

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